Known BUGS
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09/20/02 - The WIRING file shipped with eplip-0.5.x.tar.gz is incorrect for eplip versions 0.5.x. Get the Fixed WIRING file.  Thanks to Klimaj Gabor

05/22/02 - EPLIP Web Site Update. Information on Setting up EPLIP on Windows 2000(XP) in English is now available in Adobe PDF( WEPLIP-Setup.pdf ). 

05/16/02 - EPLIP-0.5.6 Released.

A stupid bug in the IRQ Autodetection code that caused the IRQ not being detected on ECP ports that do not report it through the Configuration Registers has been fixed.

There are some Makefile changes that bring the build environment closer to the kernel build one.

The dev->flags is no longer forced to IFF_POINTOPOINT|IFF_NOARP. This was necessary because the NDIS port won't run without  ARP and Media_802_3 devices could not be forced to PtP. So now EPLIP interfaces look exactly as if they were Ethernet interfaces and should no longer be brought up with

ifconfig eplipx xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx pointopoint yyy,yyy,yyy,yyy up

but rather with

ifconfig eplipx xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx up

Added one new module parameter "hwaddr" , so DHCP/BOOTP could be used for IP configuration of EPLIP interfaces.

04/25/02 - WEPLIP-0.5.6 Released. This is the Second public version of NDIS 5 port of EPLIP.

It fixes two serious bugs that cause STOP Blue Screens. The first one appears only under WinXP although it should appear on 2000 too( according to the 2000 DDK Documentation ). But what was the most annoying thing about this bug was that it did occur only if the "Write Debugging Information" in the "Startup & Recovery" page of the "System Properties" was set to something different from "none". My English might not be quite good, but I thing that even for a native English speaker it's not clear at all that what the "What's this" help about "Write Debugging Information" says is that this option controls the BUGCHECK level too. So, I've lost 2 days wondering why this bug does occur only on the second of two almost identical machines, and why even reinstalling WinXP on fresh formatted Hard Drive on the second machine did not solve the problem. The bug does occur on stopping the EPLIP device, or if for some reason it could not be started after some memory resources have already been allocated( Since on XP EPLIP won't start at system start up - see the XP Start Up Bug in the Bugs&Limitations section, all XP systems with "Write Debigging Information" enabled will Bluescreen on System Start up if the EPLIP device is enabled ).

The second bug causes a STOP with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on stopping EPLIP, and equal "Caller Address" and "Reference Address" parameters of the BUGCHECK message. This was due to leaving the EPLIP DPC scheduled for execution on timer expiration when closing the device and releasing the memory storage for the timer object ( The BUGCHECK message might look strange, but actually it isn't strange at all if you mind the way NONPAGED memory pages are marked on code unload on Win2000(XP) ).

This version also adds support for parallel port devices other than ParallelPort0 and setting and getting the MAC Address for the EPLIP Virtual NIC from the Registry.

03/20/02 - Finally Released a development version of the NDIS 5 miniport for W2K

03/20/02 - Uploaded projects files and web pages to the  sourceforge.net mirror e-plip.sourceforge.net