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  • Linux
    • Source for the EPLIP kernel module(requires at least linux-2.2, primary development goes on 2.4 )


      IMPORTANT NOTE: You should use the development version, because the low level protocol used by eplip  has changed and it's incompatible with 0.4.x versions. The old protocol won't be supported anymore and I do no longer work on 0.4.x branch.


    • Binaries - :( Sorry, I do not provide binaries( and currently I need some help on getting the "MODE_VERSIONS" feature to work ( Actually as of version 0.4 it should work, but on all 2.4.x up to the current 2.4.9 it won't insmod if eplip.o was build for another SUBLEVEL kernel version .


  • Windows

    • EPLIP NDIS miniport driver for Windows 2000 ( It's FreeWare - my policy is not to release free software for non free Operating Environments, so I'm not going to release the source code for EPLIP NDIS miniport )

      You no longer need two different builds of EPLIP installed on each machine in order to connect two W2K Boxes  . ( The MAC address was hard coded in the driver versions prior to 0.5.6. Instead You should set the "MacAddress" in the "Advanced Properties" page for the target EPLIP device in "Device Manager" ) If you are going to connect W2K to a Linux box make sure you are using at least version 0.5.0 on the Linux box ( Though there are only development versions > 0.5.0 - odd minor number , the latest 0.5.6 is as stable as the stable 0.4.1 ) 


      • Current Development Version  0.5.6(04/25/02)Free Build : weplip-0.5.6.zip
      • Current Development Version  0.5.6(04/25/02)Debug Build : weplip-0.5.6-DBG.zip
      • A kernel debug monitor to track debug messages : dbgvnt.zip ( So you don't need to setup a remote debug console - just run this debug monitor locally ).
      • Information on Setting up EPLIP on Windows 2000(XP) is available in this .pdf : WEPLIP-Setup.pdf