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Known BUGS
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  • Windows
  • XP Startup Bug : This bug does occur only on WindowsXP, it does not affect Windows 2000. It's due to changes in the load/initialize group order in WindowsXP. If an EPLIP  Virtual NIC is enabled by default it won't start on System start up, because at the time the device open routine for EPLIP is called there are no ParallelPortX devices registered yet. This bug is harmless to the system, but you should not keep EPLIP network interfaces enabled by default, because after system restart you'll have to first disable the device in the device manager and enable it again to get the EPLIP NIC in the "Network and Dialup Connections" .
  • WEPLIP does not yet support DMA operation( As of version 0.5.6 ) : It took  quite a long time before I worked around a hack for stealing resources from the PnP manager ( the DMA channel is already registered by the Parallel Port driver and it does not provide interfaces to it's clients to gain access to DMA resources it had registered  with the PnP manager ), but this hack is finally out and DMA support should be available in the next version of WEPLIP( 0.5.7 ). I hope, I get it out till the end of May ( just before I leave on to take my Military Service ), otherwise it will be delayed with at least 6 months.