Known BUGS
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  • Linux
    Please, Read README from the source distribution tarball.Instead of the distribution WIRING file read this WIRING file.


  • Windows

Please, read this installation instructions WEPLIP-Setup.pdf

Also read this HOWTO if you feel lost in you way enabling ConnectInterrupt Device IO Request: EPLIP-IRQ-HOWTO.txt

Current version of weplip 0.5.6 experiences the XP Startup Bug with WindowsXP ( I have no access to the XP DDK but it should be possible to run NDIS5 miniports with lower edge WDM interface written for W2K on XP too. Version 0.5.7 might work against this problem, but I still can't guaranty that it will work on WinXP, unless someone contribute to the EPLIP project providing the latest Window DDK Resource Kit.( It's not downloadable from MSDN )

I'll never support EPLIP on Win9x. I hate this VCOMM madness. If someone wishes to port it to Win9x, I could provide him/her with the weplip source if the port will be distributed under GPL .